Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Clean fresh hair with no product will allow the color to take and last the best, however when you do wash you do not want to scrub your scalp, as this will cause irritation while the color is processing.

Deep conditions should be done weekly and should go on clean, towel dried hair and sit for 5mins-35 mins.

Extensions should not be damaging or painful at all. They should be an extension of your natural hair and allow your natural hair to rest and grow.

Shampoo and Condition are vitamins and nutrients for your hair and scalp. Your hair needs it. Every other Day is a perfect balance.

This is an event that we host once a month to give back to our clients and community. We give away products and salon cash to everyone that attends. We have a 15 min chat about how we can be the best version of ourselves and practice gratitude. We also give hair tips and tricks and show you quick styling techniques on you and our models.

We are growing! We are always hiring enthusiastic, motivated, & passionate hair stylists! Apply today!